Our Story & The Proposal

 Just a Michigan boy and an Arizona gal falling in love on the white sandy beaches of Hawaii.

Two summers ago, they met as camp counselors at a YMCA camp nestled on the north shore of O’ahu. They both ended up there by chance; he squeezing in one last hoorah before medical school and she trying to find an escape from the confusing direction of her undergrad college career. Neither were looking for a relationship on the brink of starting intensive programs – he med school and she a European semester abroad. But the second day of counselor training, he invited her to do morning yoga with him on the beach. As they inhaled the salty sea air and extended their fingertips to the bright sky, their hearts expanded, too, and a connection of souls began to form. Needless to say, the love bug hit them- hard. It was a whirlwind romance and soon enough, they were beyond smitten. Many nights spent talking into the morning hours, endless hikes, full-hearted laughs and butterflies later, the summer wound down and they began to realize the magnitude of what they had. They were no longer lost; their paths had been illuminated through God’s Grace and it was found in the other person, in their unbreakable bond.

Two years and many many trials later, their love was stronger than ever before. They had  endured a year of distance (half of which was cross-continental), she had moved to Michigan from Arizona, and they had built the beginnings of a life together. Then, one ordinary, seemingly inconsequential Thursday night, he surprised her by getting up to lead the end of a yoga class they attended at a local YMCA. Little did she know, their YMCA yoga would come full circle as he melted her heart with a beautiful speech ending with him on one knee.

This is our story.

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