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Summer ’16 – Wait, is it over already?

14080006_10209170370770240_651709560151441758_nThis past summer has been a doozy, crammed with activities from the get-go and eventful to the close. I could write about it over a series of blogs, but with respect to the way it seems to have slipped through my fingers before I’ve ever had a chance to grasp it, I will contain it to one writing. If it seems to brief, I apologize; it was far too brief for me as well.

The summer kicked off with our engagement two days before my 22nd birthday in late April. Then Connor and I went straight into our finals week for school. We spent all of Mother’s Day moving out from our Grand Rapids apartment to our new place two hours east. Connor had his last final the following morning, so we spent the night on the floor of an empty apartment. It was bittersweet.

As soon as he came home from school, we hit the road to the airport. We flew to Phoenix where I would be graduating from Arizona State University the following day. Leading up to the evening ceremony, we took a reminiscent morning walk through campus, ran up A-mountain one last time, and lounged around the pool of the hotel all afternoon. Looking back, the last couple days of Grand Rapids and the two days of graduation festivities are mostly a blur, but my heart feels full when I think about them.

We spent the following four weeks in Tucson staying at my brother’s house. Connor became a human study machine, staying cocooned in the office for 8-10 hours a day for his upcoming Board Exam. I spent a lot of time watching Game of Thrones with my brother (he was appalled I hadn’t seen it, yet), going to the gym, hiking, and loafing around the house. We also went tubing down the Salt River in Phoenix with my oldest brother and his wife who had come to visit (they are both Army stationed in Texas). We returned burnt to a crisp, dehydrated, and content. Although these four weeks were remarkably stressful with Con’s medical school exam, it was still a blessing to have that time with my family.

As soon as his exam was over (THANK THE LORD), we had a mini two-week vacation before we had to be back in Michigan for the start of his third year med school clinical rotations. So we squeezed in a family beach trip to Rocky Point, Mexico for four days, followed by a couple days in Yuma and Southern California to connect with some essential friends and family.

We returned to Michigan and Connor started his Family Medicine Rotation. We’ve since found our community here in the small and charmingly hokey town of Hartland. We found a church we like where we will be taking our premarital classes, we are coaching a U8 boys soccer team, and I’ve almost got the neighborhood ice-cream truck’s route and times down (priorities).

My mother, brother Adam, and cousin Nicolas have each come to visit for a couple different weeks which was absolutely wonderful. I start orientation for my Master of Public Health program at the University of Michigan next Monday.

I feel like I blinked and the summer was gone. They say that time is exponential and I’m sure the rest of the year (and life) will confirm this wisdom.

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