Fairies, Tigers, Bears, Oh My!

Before too much time passes, I just wanted to post some pictures and updates for friends and family who want to know what Connor and I have been up to lately.

Tigers Game Friday, August 26th


Connor and I had such an amazing time with the St. Augustine Catholic Church community at the Detroit Tigers v. LA Angels baseball game. We had started attending St. Augustine when we moved to Hartland a few months ago and img_5460have so far really loved the close-knit community and active calendar of the church. A women’s group at the church organized this great trip as part of a scholarship fundraiser.
We enjoyed baseball trivia, prizes, and snacks on the bus ride down and took advantage of the opportunity to get to know our church members and leaders better. It was my first professional baseball game complete with hot dogs and an outstanding fireworks show at the close of the game. We truly had an awesome time and were even featured in the church bulletin the following Sunday!











Renaissance Fair Sunday, September 18thimg_5601

We joined Connor’s good friend Kelly and his girlfriend Ashley for a sunny afternoon at the Michigan Renaissance Fair. It was crowded, crazy, and loads of fun.My favorite part was meandering through the neat shops full of fairy dust, potions and elixirs, and artisan crafts. I told Connor as we were walking in that I wanted a crown. I’m not sure he believed me, but I think he’ll take my word more seriously since he saw me frolicking back from a shop with a flower tiara. Allowing me to wear it on our wedding is still under debate.



Connor really enjoyed the jousting show.

img_5585He says it wasn’t as staged as he expected. Although we know they weren’t really knights, they were legitimately careening at each other on running horses while attempting to impale the opponent with a giant stick. We watched as we sipped on ice-cold lemonades and took bets on who would win. It was girls versus boys and the stakes were high: losers had to cook dinner for the winners on our next double-date. Let’s just say I’m glad Connor is a good cook.

Overall, it was a well-spent the afternoon catching up with great friends.



Just an adorable picture to make your day better.


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