Spooktacular Events of October

Hello beautiful friends and family!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written a post, but something about full-time grad school, wedding planning, and trying to maintain a bit of sanity that’s kept me from writing. I’m going to run through a bit of what Connor and I have been up to over the past month! Don’t worry, I’ll leave out the relentless hours of studying.

October has been a very eventful month. Here is a handful of what we’ve done.

HMP Cider Mill Trip

As a Class Representative for Health Management and Policy (the department I am in for my Master of Public Health), I get to help plan fun events with my colleagues. I couldn’t wait to organize our first official event to the local cider mill! Friends, doughnuts, wine, cuddly-blankets, and pumpkin-picking.

HMP Bar Crawl

Ann Arbor is a great place to be for good food, great drinks, and amazing friends!

HMP Class Reps!

MSU Football Game

After coaching a soccer game in the morning, we rushed over to East Lansing to watch a football game with Connor’s parents, grandparents, and cousin. We had “nose-bleed seats,” but it was actually really great because we could see the entire field without being at binocular-necessity-levels. It was a nice afternoon of family and football, but we had to leave a quarter early since I had a ridiculous amount of homework waiting for me at home. Go Green!

Halloween Potluck

AMAZING food (special shout-out to the chefs behind the Indian cuisine – it’s so great being a part of a diverse, multi-cultural class), silly costumes, family of peers, and good fun.

Also, the night after we dressed up a couple of babies, Connor got to help deliver his first baby during his OBGYN rotation! Congratulations, Connor!!

That’s it for now. Stay tuned as the next post will be about how to decorate on a budget with pictures from our very own home – Edgar Allan Poe themed!


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