Halloween Decorations & Celebrations

20161026_091630Hi y’all! I just wanted to share a few of our Halloween decorations this year!

If you’re anything like us (AKA broke as a joke)


love to tickle your creative juices


want some fun, new ideas for decorating


this post is for you!

20161028_192904I really wanted to do an Edgar Allan Poe themed Halloween this year, but I have been set on quality over quantity so I am trying to make the most out of our somewhat limited decorations. I love decorating because I feel like it really puts us in the holiday mood! When you’re life is as crazy as ours, we take every opportunity to enjoy the little things. Plus, it’s more exciting to see how creative you can be with your limited budget. Grab your S.O., best friend, or roommate to make it a fun night of decorating, wine, spooky music, and fun!

I went to the thrift store (shout out to the Salvation Army in Brighton, Michigan – arguably the best thrift store ever) to start stock-piling and planning for spooky decor.

PROTIP: Use old wine bottles as flower vases. They make unique, cute accents. I used Witches Brew by Leelanua Cellars, a Michigan-based wine company. Plus, what a great excuse to drink more wine!


[CONFESSION: I went to the Salvation Army at the end of August SO pumped for decorating soon. I completely forgot about the month of September!! … Which, to be fair, who remembers September?? There’s nothing exciting in that month..except starting school, which is probably exactly why I subconsciously erased it from the months of the year. We should take out September and just jump from August to October.


At the thrift store, we spent about $60  on 2 silver candle stick holders, a black ceramic dish set, 6 silver charger plates, 2 plastic black candlestick holders for the wall, 2 black ceramic candy bowls, a white lace tablecloth (actually a curtain!), and a silver tea set.

At the dollar store, we spent about $10 on skull kitchen cloths, electric candles, a chalkboard, spider web, a black plastic table cover, and black sparkly roses.

At Meijer, we spend about $22 on the black cage with a crow skeleton and the black wall bat decorations.

 PROTIP: Take advantage of sale days at thrift stores. Most usually have weekly student, senior citizen, teacher, or military discount days. We got 20% off our total because we went on a student day!


I also made some Halloween cookies that we shared with Connor’s sister and her boyfriend when we had them over for dinner! We took the rest to give to our soccer players the next day at our last game of the season.

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