New Year~New Purpose for Martin Journals!

A few weeks after we got the little puppers.

Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you to everyone who has supported me – in a variety of ways – to get to where I am today. To say that I am blessed is an understatement. I am filled with warm bubbles of excitement as my 6-month wedding anniversary awaits just ten days from today; I am giddy thinking about getting matched to a residency program in about two months time; and I am absolutely ecstatic in realizing both Connor and I will be graduating at the end of this semester! Finally, I will be a Master, he will be a Doctor, and Rosie will have passed her STAR puppy training and will be halfway to being a therapy dog.

In terms of degrees and certificates, we will all finally have the papers to prove our hard work and dedication was not for naught. It is the culmination of our lives’ work and we are so thrilled to be on the brink of celebration and turning to the next chapter of our lives. Admittedly, Rosie’s life has only been 8 months long so far, but she has been working hard, too. ❤

However, while these milestones make me excited, it is the non-quantifiable and immeasurable progress we have made that bring me the most daily joy. Connor is becoming more and more confident in his abilities to treat and care for others. The kindness and compassion I see when he talks about a patient are a beautiful testament to the purest form of humanity found in the field of human medicine.

Rosie is continuing to grow and watching her pudgy puppy body lean out into the strong, agile, young adult dog before me has been astounding. She is sharp and mischievous as ever but we love her for it.

I am still wandering around the field of Public Health, but suddenly  I don’t feel as aimless. Where perhaps I entered my graduate program eager – if not desperate -to find my niche, I now find myself meandering calmly through the field. I am sure I will find my place and the process of slowly narrowing it down suddenly feels welcome as opposed to pain-staking.

But enough of my ramblings! The point of this post is to declare my new goals for this site. Anyone who knows me knows that I love goals. Like I am obsessed with goal setting, striving, and achieving. Self-development is a golden word (compound word but whatever) in my vocabulary. Along with my family and friends, my readers are very special to me because they help keep me accountable to the goals I set on here. After all, public goals are a lot harder to run away from or forget. 😉

So as we begin this last stage of our formal education careers, I want to set forth a few personal goals. For starters, I’m going to blog more often and be more real. I sometimes stray away from posting because 1) I feel it is too personal or 2) I didn’t have a clear purpose for the blog so I didn’t know if it was fitting the theme or readership. Well, the heck with all of that. I am going to write about my life and my thoughts. That will be the purpose with the underlying theme of yours truly.

I am particularly interested in health, fitness, photography, travel, and whatever is currently going on in my life at the time. So if you’re into that, this is your place.

Secondly, I’m going to pursue the aforementioned interests with a greater commitment and fervor. I’m going to start (stumbling through) meal-prepping, workout-plan-following, photography-researching&practicing, and European-honeymoon-planning. Not only that, but I’ll keep y’all updated as I do it. I’ll let you know what works. And because I’m setting a goal to be more honest and real, I’ll let you know what fails.  

It’ll be a fun time. So thanks to everyone and please let me know if you ever have any thoughts on any and all of the schenannigans I share!

Much love,

Amanda Gabriela Martin

P.S. I officially changed my name this past week! So goodbye letters “ez” ~ you shall be missed but this gal is officially part of the Martin Pack.

P.P.S. To make your day EVEN BETTER, here is one of Connor and my favorite photos of Rosie. Not sure why, but we crack up every time we see it. We even hung it above her stocking this Christmas.

Rosie in all her glory.

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