A bit about myself:

Hi there! My name is Amanda Gabriela and I am the creator of the Martin(ez) Journals.  I am a California girl currently living in Michigan where I attend the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!) for my Master of Public Health. I live for adventure, family, and human connection. I am married to a handsome medical student from Michigan State University named Connor. My everyday joys are found in fitness and sports, playing with my goldendoodle Rosie, savoring ice cream with baby spoons, and spending time with my husband whenever we can.

Why Martin(ez)?

Good question! My last name was Martinez and Connor’s is Martin. So in July of 2017 when we got married, I gained a life-long best friend in exchange for the last two letters of my last name. It was a trade I was willing to make.

So what exactly is this blog about?

Life is a bit crazy right now – but, really, when is it not? While we both finish up the last year of our schooling, we will be going through a lot, like our first year of marriage, getting matched to a residency program, honeymooning around the world on a dime,  and finding adventure and appreciation in every available second.

So pour yourself a cup of tea and join for the ride because it’s going to be a good one.